Shin Bora and Jung Eun Ji Smile Together Cutely For The Camera

Comedian and recently turned actress Shin Bora took selcas with singer and actress Jung Eun Ji. The two will be appearing in the upcoming romantic comedy drama “Trot Lovers.” The pictures were revealed through A Pink‘s official Twitter page and were accompanied with the words, “At the drama press conference. Shin Bora and Jung Eun Ji’s cute two-shot.”

“Trot Lovers” is a story about a girl who despite being young, is the sole breadwinner of the family but tries to pursue her dream of becoming a trot singer with the help of a genius yet arrogant song-writer who detests the music genre of trot. Shin Bora plays a trainee of an entertainment agency who slowly comes to form a tight friendship with Jung Eun Ji’s character Choi Choon Hee. 

The drama will air its first episode on June 23. 

Shin Bora and Jung Eun Ji picture