Kris to Support Fan Bing Bing’s Charity Organization with Possibility of Making a Public Appearance

Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing announced on June 20 that Kris of EXO-M will be involved in her charity organization, Heart Ali.

On her weibo account, Fan Bing Bing said, “it’s been five years since we started Heart Ali. I can’t forget the innocent eyes of children I saw when we first went to Tibet. This year, Kris will also be donating.”

She added, “it’s enough for us to simply see the children smile. Kris will be the second celebrity to join Heart Ali, after Li Ka Shing. We will carry out our project with caution and proceed despite possible hardships.” 

Kris’ participation in the philanthropy project means that there is a possibility he will be making a public appearance soon. 

Since suing SM Entertainment, Kris has been staying in China, staying away from the media. 

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