Kim Sae Ron Graces Allure with Her Maturity in Latest Photo Shoot

Child actress Kim Sae Ron showed her mature side in the latest photo spread for magazine Allure

Kim Sae Ron, currently only thirteen in western age, exudes maturity in the photo shoot, as she poses in a beautiful white dress. 

Recently, Kim Sae Ron visited the Cannes Film Festival for the second time for her latest movie “A Girl At My Door“. On her visit to Cannes, she said, “it made me so happy to go to Cannes with the director and the crew who filmed the movie together. I also thought of those who couldn’t come with us, and I was reminded of the time that passed. The audience gave us a standing ovation, and I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was worried what they would think of the movie. Since the standing ovation means that they enjoyed the movie, I cried tears of relief.” 

When asked if she doesn’t find it difficult to play dark characters, she answered maturely, “when I’m shooting, I become that character, but as soon as it’s over I return to myself. When I become Dohee (from “A Girl At My Door”) and get beaten it hurts and it’s sad, but after the shoot I can stand up and be okay. The child getting hurt is Dohee, not Kim Sae Ron.” 

Kim Sae Ron will play the role of Lee Seul Bi, an angel that becomes a human, in the upcoming drama “High School: Love On“. It will start airing on June 27. 

Kim Sae Ron Kim Sae Ron