2PM Nichkhun’s Romantic Kiss in Drama “One and a Half Summer” Revealed

2PM Nichkhun’s kiss scene in a Chinese-Korean coproduction, “One and a Half Summer,” is drawing attention and raising fans’ expectations.

Ahead of the air date, the drama’s official Weibo posted several still cuts, including a romantic scene between Nichkhun and actress Yu Wen Wen.

In the drama, Nichkhun plays the role of Zhang Hao, while Yu Wen Wen acts as Shu Qing. Nichkhun’s character is a Chinese American student that runs away to avoid an arranged marriage, meets Shu Qing in Santorini, Greece, and ends up falling in love. The revealed photos are from the shooting that took place in Greece and shows Nichkhun and Yu Wen Wen sharing a sweet kiss scene.

During a recent press conference for “One and a Half Summer,” Nichkhun talked about what the kiss scene was like, “My entire body was sweating and nervous. I was also clenching my hands. It was embarrassing because so many people were watching.

This is Nichkhun’s first drama as a lead, and miss A‘s Jia will also be acting in it as well. “One and a Half Summer” will be airing its first episode on June 23!