Nichkhun and MICHAÉL Get Ready for Debut of the Chinese Drama

Soompi is happy to announce a new series of guest content from our friends over at Green Tea Graffiti (GTG). GTG is fairly new but have already been to over 100 concerts in Asia as certified media in the K-pop industry. If you want to learn more about east Asian pop culture, you should definitely check them out. For this article, we have GTG founder Jason talk about the debut of the new Chinese-Korean drama “One and a Half Summer”. 

Where has 2PM member Nichkhun disappeared to these days?

These days, he’s in China getting ready for his debut in the new Chinese-Korean drama “One and a Half Summer“. Chinese fans are ecstatic of the upcoming drama, which not only features Nichkhun, but fellow JYP and Chinese singer, Jia, as well. The drama made its debut on June 23.

A quick recap of the story is as follows. The popular 2PM singer-turned-actor will star as Zhang Hao, a Chinese-American student running away to avoid his arranged marriage. His romantic partner in the drama will be Yu Wen Wen, taking on the role of Shu Qing.

Starring alongside him will be MICHAÉL, an American singer, songwriter, and MC in Beijing. As a former contestant from “K-Pop Star,” he already knew about the 2PM star even before working with him on the upcoming Chinese drama. He’ll be providing all of Nichkhun’s dubbing in Chinese, since Nichkhun speaks English during the drama.

The one thing  MICHAÉL quickly noticed right away was Nichkhun’s star power in China. “The Chinese fans are really crazy about Nichkhun,” he said last week. “When I went to watch a movie at a mall last Friday, Nichkhun’s fans  knew who I was, since I was his Chinese voice actor, and started talking to me,” he said. “They wanted my autograph, took pictures with me, and asked how Nichkhun is in person.”

Both MICHAÉL and Nichkhun are hoping that the drama does well, as the success of “One and a Half Summer” can possibly lead to future Chinese-Korean collaborations in the future.

Check out the photos below of MICHAÉL, Nichkhun, and the rest of the cast of “One and a Half Summer” below.







A special thanks goes out to MICHAÉL for giving us exclusive photos from the drama’s press event.

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