EXO’s Luhan Leaves a Warning for Sasaeng Fans

EXO member Luhan shows that he has had enough of sasaeng fans following him around.

On June 22, Luhan posted through his personal Weibo, “Can you please stop following me? Aren’t you being too courageous/self righteous? I won’t say the things you said to me here.” Originally, he had actually posted a photo of a car that had been following him. However, he took the picture down and left just the warning message for sasaeng fans.

In the past, EXO has mentioned sasaeng fans in various interviews, but it’s the first time that a member has sent a direct warning through his SNS. The group has always had problems with sasaeng fans since their debut three years ago, and the problem has only gotten more severe over time. Not only are the members chased to their dorms and their agency building, fans have even followed them to their families’ homes. Even more, many sasaeng fans have gotten a hold of the members’ phone numbers and call or send text messages at all times of the day. The problem has gotten so serious that they are being followed to private areas such as the men’s restroom, as well as on the airplane.

In a previous interview, EXO has shared, “Sasaeng fans are a serious problem. More than affecting us, it makes us angry that our neighbors or others around us are being harmed. Because EXO is known for having sasaeng fans, it’s upsetting that even fans who aren’t [sasaeng fans], are looked upon as one.