Jo In Sung Calls Tablo on “Superman Returns”

The close relationship between actor Jo In Sung and Epik High’s Tablo is seen once again, this time at the June 22 airing of “Superman Returns” wherein Jo In Sung gave Tablo a phone call.

The phone call from Jo In Sung came while Tablo, together with Haru, Jang Hyun Seong and his two sons, were in the car on the way to a botanical garden. “Hello, hyung” Jo In Sung said on the line to which Tablo replied, “Hey, In Sung!”

Tablo then talked about how people would be surprised to know that he and Jo In Sung know each other. When asked what kind of relationship the two has, Tablo said, “When we make plans to meet, I purposely arrive late and leave early,” the reason being the height difference between the two.

The phone conversation between the two continued with Tablo telling Jo In Sung where they were going and passing on the phone to Jang Hyun Seong. Jang Hyun Seong then greeted Jo In Sung and said, “Later when you get married and have a baby, let’s hang out.” Jo In Sung then laughed at the other line upon hearing Jang Hyun Seong’s suggestion.

Because the botanical garden where they were going is where Jo In Sung filmed some scenes of his last drama, Tablo then gave the phone to Haru who casually asked her uncle Jo In Sung whether there are dogs and dinosaurs in the botanical garden. Jo In Sung gently answered Haru’s questions and talked more about the place with Tablo.