Super Junior-M’s Henry Talks About His Painful Past Love on “Real Men”

On the June 22 episode of “Real Men,” Super Junior-M’s Henry revealed his painful story regarding his ex-girlfriend.

In this episode, the members of the Key Unit were seen doing their General Out Post (GOP) guard duty. After they finished their duty, Henry was asked regarding his relationship situation. “Right now, I don’t have (a girlfriend.) I had an ex-girlfriend whom I dated for seven years in Canada, though,” Henry revealed.

The other members asked Henry to make a video message for his ex girlfriend but Henry refused, saying they ended their relationship on a bad note. “The girl cheated on me…with my best friend,” said Henry about his painful story. The members then tried to cheer him up.

Meanwhile, due to the shooting incident that took place on June 21 in the GOP where five soldiers were killed and seven were injured, the production crew of “Real Men” has decided to edit out the sensitive parts of the show and cancel the plans to cheer for the upcoming Korea-Algeria World cup game on June 23.

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