Super Junior-M’s Henry Reveals His Bachelor’s Pad on “Real Men”

On the June 22 broadcast of “Real Men,” viewers are treated to a tour of Super Junior-M’s Henry’s house which was shot before the group was dispatched to the Philippines.

Park Gun Hyung came over Henry’s house and brought with him some supplies that they needed for the trip. Henry welcomed Park Gun Hyung and toured him around the house starting from the living room. In Henry’s living room, there’s a blue yoga mat laid out on the floor. “When I wake up in the morning, I do some stretching while looking outside (the window),” Henry said. The view outside Henry’s window has gained a lot of interest for its beautiful skyline and view overlooking the Han River.

In contrast to Henry’s somewhat clumsy personality, Henry’s house and room are neat and tidy, which surprised Park Gun Hyung. Henry beamed with pride and said, “It’s a bit clean.”

Then, Henry brought Park Gun Hyung to his recording room that has the “Male Restroom” sign on it. Beside the recording room were all sorts of instruments. Park Gun Hyung tried to test how good Henry’s recording room is however, Henry’s recording room has poor soundproofing so everything he said was heard outside, which made audiences laugh.

 Henry Real Men

Thanks to kkim for the tip!