Nana Talks About Viewers’ Negative Responses to Her TV Appearances

On the June 22 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Roommate,” After School’s Nana confessed, “I thought I was putting in effort, but people would say ‘She’s showing off,’ whenever I show aegyo or try to brighten up the atmosphere,” during a conversation with actress Hong Soo Hyun.

Nana continued, “Even I think it might be hard to get used to the way I am, but there are so many negative responses saying things like, ‘Why is she like that?’ I normally don’t pay attention to [netizen] comments, but after appearing on ‘Roommate’ and ‘Style Log,’ at the same time, I’ve started to worry [about it]. I’m becoming more timid.”

She also shared, “I have to think a lot before I say anything now. I’m human, so I can’t help feeling a bit scared. I don’t have the courage to let negative words go in one ear and out the other, and continue being my usual self. It’s one of my biggest concerns these days.”

In an interview with producers, Nana revealed, “I’m really trying my best. Honestly, I’ve tried to show my real, natural self, but it seems people don’t view it in a good light. I started ‘Roommate’ to show my true self, without faking anything. I hope people see me more positively.”

What do you think of Nana’s personality on “Roommate” and “Style Log?”
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