g.o.d Releases Teaser Feat. Member Kim Tae Woo

On June 23, g.o.d released their third video teaser on YouTube, this time for member Kim Tae Woo.

In the teaser, Kim Tae Woo is sitting in a recording studio, thinking back to when he first became a solo artist, with “Words I Want to Say,” and then back to the old days, with g.o.d’s third album, “Lies.” He then stands up, determined, after which he is seen straightening his suit, the cheers of fans waiting for him outside.

Starting this past June 18, g.o.d has been releasing individual teasers for its members, all of them ending with the words, “Sorry you had to wait so long.”

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g.o.d’s “15thAnniversary Reunion Concert” will be held on July 12 and 13 at the Olympic Complex in Jamsil, Seoul before the boys tour other venues in Korea.