Actor Lee Min Ho High in Demand, Received Over 100 Casting Offers in First Half of the Year

Lee Min Ho has been getting flooded with scripts and scenarios, proving to be an actor high in demand.

The actor’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed that Lee Min Ho is currently working very hard to film for his upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues.” However, he has consistently been receiving casting offers for future works.

According to an agency representative, the number of scripts and scenarios that have poured in for the actor, in just the first half of the year alone, is more than 100 in total. More and more scripts are getting piled up with each passing day.

As one of the most famous Hallyu actors, Lee Min Ho has been extremely busy these days, especially with the countless ‘love calls’ that he receives from overseas.

Starhaus explained, “After ‘Boys Over Flowers’ entered the Hallyu market, we set up a global management system. There are many staff in China that are working to actively respond to offers. However, due to the overwhelming amount of scripts, we make sure to be careful in looking over each one.”

They added, “Because it is difficult for the actor to accept every offer, the scripts are read carefully and discussed in detail before we come to a decision and send feedback in a timely manner. He plans to promote consistently, and is continuously reviewing offers when he has time.”