Akdong Musician Says They Don’t Get Hurt by Comments Calling Them Ugly

Musician duo Akdong Musician recently had a photo shoot and an interview with magazine High Cut, revealing their thoughts on their appearances.

For the photo shoot, the brother sister duo joined forces with model Lee Hae Eun and Nam Joo Hyuk, who appeared in their music videos for “200%” and “Give Love“. 

For the interview with the magazine, Akdong Musician shared their thoughts on life after “K-Pop Star,” their music, and the reactions from fans. 

When asked about their life after “K-Pop Star,” Chanhyuk replied, “We’re living in a completely different world from a year ago. It’s like we crossed a whole dimension.” Soohyun also added, “When I was little, I didn’t know celebrities actually existed. I thought they were something like animation.” 

Talking about the reaction they get from the public, Chanhyuk said, “The only negative comments that don’t hurt me are the ones criticizing my appearance. When the comment says, ‘They’re really ugly,’ I say, ‘Yeah, I also think the same,’ and laugh about it.” 

The cheerful interview and photo shoot of Akdong Musician for High Cut can be found in the 128th issue, released on June 19. 

Akdong Musician High Cut