VIXX Reveals Individual Posters for Upcoming “VIXX Live Fantasia – Hex Sign” Concert

On June 22, through VIXX’s official fan cafe, individual posters of each member were revealed, ahead of their very first solo concert, “VIXX Live Fantasia – Hex Sign.”

In the released cuts, you can see a sequence of the six members’ individual shots. They appear to be chic, yet show off a powerful and masculine image, dressed in dark outfits. Each member has a distinct pose and stares into the camera, displaying intense gazes.

The dramatic poster images pull out VIXX’s dark and sexy charms, especially with their perfectly fitting shirts and strong body lines.

It has been reported that the staff members at the set of the photo shoot were amazed by the group’s ability to maintain exceptional focus and concentration, despite the hot weather and overnight shooting.

Tickets for all three dates of the upcoming concert were completely sold out within 10 minutes of being released. The concert will open on July 18 until July 20 at Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall.