Kris to Start Filming Chinese Movie in Prague

Rumors of Kris (Wu Yi Fan) starring in a Chinese film were finally confirmed as it was known that the young singer-turned-actor is staying in Prague, Czech Republic for the movie.

On June 23, Chinese press reported that the filming for the movie, “Somewhere Only We Know” (有一個地方只有我們知道), will start in Prague, Czech Republic on June 24, according to a Weibo post made by its director Xu Jing Lei.

There have been speculation about director Xu Jing Lei’s connection with Kris after the former made a post on her personal Weibo account what seemed to be referring to Kris. It was then rumored that Kris would star as the lead actor in the director’s new project.

Chinese media outlet Sina has also confirmed with Xu Jing Lei’s and Kris’s sides that the two were in communication before, increasing the buzz that the EXO member is indeed working with the director.

The movie “Somewhere Only We Know” is a romance film about a girl who leaves for Europe after the death of her grandmother. She meets a guy there and falls in love with him. It is widely speculated that Kris and actress Wang Li Kun will be playing the lead roles in the movie.

Update: an earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Kris as a former member of EXO.