Teen Top Aims for Summer Comeback

Six-member group Teen Top will be making their comeback this summer, according to the group’s official home page.

The group, which has been busy with meeting their fans all over the world through their Teen Top 2014 World Tour dubbed “High Kick,” is said to be making their comeback on August, according to an announcement made on their official home page on June 23.

“We’re preparing a little bit more for the completion of our first album this year. We have decided to make our comeback on August,” the announcement said. Teen Top also asked for their fans’ encouragement and cheers to help them with their upcoming comeback.

The group will be having their fourth anniversary in July and they are preparing a number of events leading up to their comeback that they are officially dubbing next month as “TEEN TOP Meets ANGEL in JULY.” They will also hold an official 3rd fanmeeting called “ANGEL VACANCE” on July 27.

Teen Top is currently busy juggling their world tour and album preparations as well as the shooting for cable tv program “Entertainers.”