Kim Woo Bin’s Hand-written Letter to Teacher Reveals His Passion for Modelling

A handwritten letter that appears to be Kim Woo Bin‘s letter to his teacher that he wrote back when he was in high school is currently circulating the internet and is drawing a lot of interest for its content.

“Kim Woo Bin’s Hand-written Letter,” which is making the rounds of the message boards of various online communities, reveals Kim Woo Bin’s aspirations back when he was in high school. The letter composed by the passionate highschool student Kim Hyun Joong (Kim Woo Bin’s real name) tells his teacher that in order to become a model he has to gain weight and do good in his English conversation studies.

The teacher whom Kim Woo Bin wrote the letter to uploaded the letter on his personal blog which eventually spread in the online communities.

“After one to two years, I became assured that he’ll do well in the future. I don’t think I’ve seen any other model who has practiced and made efforts as hard, constant, and tireless as Woo Bin,” commented his teacher.

“Because Woo Bin has that good energy that doesn’t know how to cool down, he did well and his friends in Batch 2008 are also doing well,” his teacher added.

Kim Woo Bin Letter
Kim Woo Bin Letter