Clazziquai Prepares for Comeback in Celebration of 10 Year Anniversary since Debut

Clazziquai is planning on their comeback on the tenth anniversary of their debut. 

A representative from Fluxus Music told News1, “Clazziquai plans to release a new single album this July or August. The production of the single is being taken care of by member Clazzi, while the plans for shooting the music video and scheduling live music show appearances have yet to be finalized.” 

The representative went on to say, “The exact time of release has yet to also be decided upon, since the album is still a work in progress. Female vocalist, Christina will not be participating in the recording of this album at this time.”

In related news, Clazziquai released their first album, “Instant Pig” back in 2004 and will be releasing their 6th album after releasing, “Blessed” last year.