Sera Departs Nine Muses, Agency Announces “New Member” and August Comeback

It appears that Nine Muses star Sera has become the latest member of the group to announce her departure. A plethora of Korean news sources carried news stories on June 24 with a quote from a spokesperson from Star Empire Entertainment, Nine Muses’ talent agency, that appear to confirm that the singer will no longer be working with the popular girl group.

The spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Sera’s contract with the company has expired, and she will now be graduating from Nine Muses to focus on solo activities. We wish her all the best.”

The same representative did offer some cheer for Nine Muses supporters, however, announcing that fans could expect a comeback from the group in August, featuring a “new member.”

The group was rocked by the departure earlier this year of two other members of the group, Lee Sem and Eunji, who both left in January. After a very busy 2013, the group has been on something of a hiatus since the release of their last hit as a nine-piece, “Glue.”

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