Jang Hyun Sung and His Sons to Leave “Superman Returns”

Actor Jang Hyun Sung has decided to step down from the popular KBS variety program, “Superman Returns“.

On June 24, Jang Hyun Sung’s agency, YG Entertainment, announced that the actor will be stepping down from the program, with the June 29 broadcast being the family’s last appearance on the show. He has decided to leave “Superman Returns” to focus on his job as an actor. 

After joining the program in September, Jang Hyun Sung and his sons Jang Jun Woo and Jang Jun Seo have won over the hearts of numerous viewers who fell for their genuine and loving father-son relationship. 

Jang Hyung Sung also announced, “The kids have grown up a lot and need to focus on their studies, while I have to concentrate on my real profession as an actor. I am so thankful for the love and I will try my best to repay the support with good performances.” 

Jang Hyun Sung is currently shooting “Ceci Bon” as Lee Jang Hee. He will also be shooting a movie called “Love Wins” as a main character. 

Jang Hyun Sung and the Jun Jun brothers will be dearly missed!