Trailer for Kim Yoon Seok and Park Yoo Chun’s “Sea Fog” Released

The first trailer for the upcoming thriller “Sea Fog” has been released!

“Sea Fog” is a film that is garnering a lot of buzz from the film scene, as it is the directorial debut of Shim Sung Bo, who wrote the script for the critically acclaimed “Memories of Murder“. The upcoming film was also produced by the famous director of “Memories of Murder,” Bong Joon Ho. This is his first cinematic project as a producer. Cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo, who has worked with director Bong on “Snowpiercer” and “Mother“, is also part of the crew, along with “The Thieves” art director Lee Ha Joon

The film stars Kim Yoon SeokPark Yoo Chun, Han Yeri, Lee Jee Joon, and Moon Seong Geun. Based on true events, the film tells the story of a fishing boat and its crew who has to resort to smuggling in illegal immigrants to make a living. However, their plans go horribly wrong when they are hit with a heavy sea fog while smuggling in thirty or so illegal immigrants. 

“Sea Fog” will open in theaters on August 13. 

Check out the trailer below!