Block B to Make a Comeback in July!

After canceling their “Jackpot” comeback in light of the Sewol Ferry disaster this past April, Block B has announced that they will be returning with a new album next month!

According to the group’s agency, Seven Seasons, on June 24, Block B is planning to release a brand new mini album and start up promotions again at the end of July.

This upcoming mini album will be their first in nine months, since the release of “Very Good” last October. The members were originally scheduled to make their comeback with the single “Jackpot,” following its release on April 17. However, they decided to cancel promotions altogether, with a mourning heart for the victims of the Sewol Ferry accident.

A representative of Seven Seasons revealed, “After wrapping up their showcase in the US, Block B will return to Korea and focus solely on their comeback preparations. For now, they have the basic framework down.” The rep also shared that Zico took charge of the overall producing for this album once again. Previously, Zico has successfully planted an intense and powerful image for Block B through his self-composed works, including “Very Good,” “Nillili Mambo,” and “NanrinA.” He plans to display the group’s charms with this new mini album as well.

The rep hinted, “It will be unlike any of Block B’s existing concepts. You can anticipate quite a different feel from their [past] strong image.”

Meanwhile, the group opened up their US showcase for American fans in New York on June 22, and will continue on to Washington D.C. on June 24, and finish up in Miami on June 27.