Untouchable Drops Music Video for “Take Out”

Hip hop duo Untouchable has released a music video for new single “Take Out,” the follow up to last year’s “Call Me.”

The song features the vocals of Mayson the Soul, an up-and-coming R&B vocalist, and a sometime collaborator with Joosuc and Jin Doggae. The video was uploaded to the official YouTube page of the group’s talent agency, TS Entertainment.

The video shows the boys working out in a gym, where they flirt with girls, and later out on dates. Clips of Mayson the Soul singing in a darkened room are interspersed with the action.

The song itself has something of a laid-back, summery vibe to it, a strong beat and some jazzy R&B elements can be heard throughout. The lyrics explain of how the singers want to spend time with, and get know, a woman better.

“Take Out” is the duo’s second major release since the boys completed their compulsory military service in May last year. Untouchable debuted in 2008 with the track “It’s Okay,” featuring Hwayobi.