Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee Thinks Brian and G.NA Are a Good Match

Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee and Brian paid a visit to Jung Sun Hee on her SBS Power FM radio show “Jung Sun Hee’s Night Like Tonight” on June 21.

Since it’s been a while since the two have met the radio DJ, DJ Jung Sun Hee said she was glad to have them over at the show.

Because Hwanhee and Brian share a very close relationship with each other, DJ Jung Sun Hee comfortably asked them questions including one regarding their future plans for marriage.

DJ Jung Sun Hee asked, “You’re at a marrying age now so you cannot really not think about marriage. If you were to recommend a future partner to each other, what type would you recommend?” 

Hwanhee didn’t hesitate in saying that he chooses G.NA for Brian. “I saw the two together and they really fit so well with each other. I think they’ll have a long and fun relationship,” Hwanhee said on his reason for choosing G.NA

“G.NA is one of my good friends. I’ve always joked with G.NA to get married with me since she wanted to get married early but she tells me, ‘Oppa, you’re like an unnie to me so we can’t (get married),'” Brian said.

On the other hand, Brian said he recommends announcer Kim Na Young to Hwanhee.

Fly to the Sky has recently wrapped up promotions for their song “You You You” and are starting to promote their follow-up track “Your Voice.”