Taeyang Drops the Frills for GQ Pictorial

BIGBANG’s Taeyang, who has recently made his comeback from his four-year hiatus as a solo singer, graced the pages of GQ Korea’s July 2014 issue.

The singer, who is currently receiving a lot of love for his new album, “Rise,” showed a laid back and calm persona during the photo shoot which was held at dawn, producing pictures where his natural, no-frills look is allowed to shine. During the interview, Taeyang talked about hiss worries during the production of his long overdue album as well as one particular detail regarding his title track.

When asked whether he already listened to his album after it was released, Taeyang said, “I think I need more time until I can listen to it with a cool heart. For now, I want to hear what the other people who heard (my music) has to say.” He joked that if that reasoning is allowed then he wished to not have the interview.

Taeyang’s natural and frank side will be seen on the pages of GQ Korea this July.

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