SM’s Newest Solo Singer J-Min Release Music Video for “After”

The music video for solo singer J-Min‘s “Miss Korea” OST song, “After,” has been released through the official SM Entertainment YouTube channel.

J-Min is SM Entertainment’s newer solo artists and previously debuted in Japan in 2007. Domestically, she has participated on various drama soundtracks, contributing songs for dramas like “The King 2 Hearts,” “To The Beautiful You,” “God of War,” and “Wild Romance.” She also appeared in popular musical productions of “Jack the Ripper” and “Three Musketeers,” proving her singing abilities. 

Although J-Min is set for a Korean solo debut in July, she released a song from the OST of the drama “Miss Korea.” The music video also has clips from the drama, focusing on Lee Yeon Hee‘s character, as she goes from high school beauty to a Miss Korea contestant.