Dynamic Duo Choiza’s Wallet Stolen, Photos of f(x)’s Sulli and Choiza Revealed

Dynamic Duo member Choiza’s wallet was recently stolen, and the photos inside were released online. The photos included pictures of f(x)’s Sulli, as well as sticker photos of the two together. The photo of Sulli contained a handwritten message from the f(x) member to Choiza, which says, “Don’t spend so much ^^,” and the photos of the two together showed the two being very affectionate, bringing back the question of their relationship.

On June 25, Choiza’s representative confirmed to OSEN, “The wallet and pictures are Choiza’s. On the perpetrator taking personal photos and releasing them online, we will not be lenient.” When asked about the relationship between the two, the rep said, “We have no further comment in terms of personal matters.”

Last September, the two were caught in a dating scandal, which their respective agencies denied, saying that they are just close friends. Regardless of the photos having captured the two walking and holding hands, they insisted that they were not dating. However, with the release of these new photos, the relationship question is back on the table. In a phone call with NoCut News, Choiza’s agency official said, “We are currently looking into the situation.”

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