KBS Approves Taeyang’s “Love You to Death” on Latest Censor List

Media network KBS has passed the Taeyang song, “Love You to Death” as fit to play.

KBS’ censors released a list of approved songs on June 25. According to network policy, new songs have to go through a screening process to ensure that they are fit to play. A total of 154 were submitted for consideration, and 146 were approved, including the track from the BIGBANG member’s new solo album, “Rise.”

Also on the “approved” list were tracks by Yoon Jong Shin and Shin Hye Chul. Failing to meet the censors’ standards, however, were songs such as Reddy’s “U-Turn,” which was deemed to contain too much adult language for airplay.

The censors also blacklisted Molly.D’s “5AM,” on the grounds that they felt the song’s lyrics might be disrespectful to the physically or mentally challenged.