g.o.d Member Park Joon Hyung Skateboards Through the City in Latest Teaser

Male group g.o.d, back for their 15th anniversary, just released their fourth member teaser for Park Joon Hyung. In the teaser, Park Joon Hyung takes his skateboard through the city, an impressive feat for his 46 years of age. In the background is g.o.d’s dance track “Friday Night,” the quick beat matching Park Jun Hyung’s pace through the city. 

At the end of the video, Park Joon Hyung finally hops off of the skateboard, and is shown getting suited up, fans chanting “g.o.d” in the background.

Starting this past June 18, g.o.d has been releasing individual teasers for its members, all of them ending with the words, “Sorry you had to wait so long.” Now, only one teaser remains.

g.o.d’s “15th Anniversary Reunion Concert” will be held for two days on July 12 and 13 at the Olympic Complex in Jamsil, Seoul before the boys tour other venues in Korea.