Verbal Jint’s “Just Another Rapper” Teaser Released

Brand New Music, the talent agency which represents Verbal Jint, has uploaded an official teaser for the hip hop star’s forthcoming new release “Just Another Rapper.” The teaser was uploaded to the agency’s YouTube channel, and the song will be released on June 27.

The track features Swings and San E, and the collaboration brings together three of the biggest names on the Korean hip-hop scene.

Verbal Jint single

The teaser begins with some concert footage featuring San E. After he leaves the stage, his manager tells him that he needs to hurry up and get to a recording. The scene then cuts to Swings, who is at home with a small puppy and then realizes that it is time to head to the studio, too. It is then Verbal Jint’s turn to make an appearance. He is shown driving to the studio, rehearsing his lines on the way. Glimpses are also shown of all three rappers in the studio, recording the track, and then leaving the studio, providing fans with something of a peek behind the scenes of the making of the song.

Verbal Jint’s last release was the collaborative single, “You make me feel BRAND NEW,” a cover of The Stylistics’ hit from 1974. The track also featured San E and Swings, as well as Phantom, Bumkey and Kanto.

Check out the teaser video below, but please be warned that it does contain some adult language.