FIESTAR’s “One More” Concept Photo Leaked, Agency Confirms

A leaked photo which appears to be taken from the music video of forthcoming FIESTAR release “One More,” has been circulated on the internet.

The image appears to show the group’s leader, Jei, reclining on a bed next to a man wearing boxing gloves. The man seems to be naked from the waist up. Jei is pictured wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and hot pants, and many web users have noted that the scene looks quite steamy.

Collabodadi, the entertainment agency which represents the girl group, has confirmed that the image does come from material being prepared for FIESTAR’s comeback.

A spokesperson for the agency told the media, “The image is part of the comeback concept. We would like to find out how it was leaked.”

FIESTAR’s “One More” was originally due for release in April this year, but the comeback was postponed after the Sewol ferry disaster. The girls are now scheduled to make their return on July 2.