T-ara’s Ex-Member Hwayoung Makes Acting Debut with SBS’ Drama Special “Mother’s Choice”

Hwayoung, former member of girl group T-ara, will make her acting debut through SBS’ one-act drama “Mother’s Choice.”

On June 24, a broadcast station representative revealed that Hwayoung will join actors Oh Hyun Kyung and Ji Eun Sung in the special drama.

“Mother’s Choice” is about a son (played by Ji Eun Sung) who causes a lot of mistakes, and his mother (played by Oh Hyun Kyung) who covers all his faults. Hwayoung will take on the role of a student who becomes the victim and gets hurt from the son’s actions.

The news of her taking part in this project is met by mixed public reaction. Hwayoung was in the spotlight during the summer of 2012 when news broke that she was leaving T-ara due to bullying. She received a lot of sympathy due to the scandal. Some comments are claiming that she is trying to make a statement by choosing this special drama as her debut project.

Meanwhile, “Mother’s Choice” will start filming on July 7 and will air in the middle of the same month.