Seo In Guk Looks Like The Perfect Boyfriend In Latest InStyle Pictorial

 Actor and singer Seo In Guk talked about his honest feelings towards his acting and singing during the interview that was conducted after the shooting for the fashion magazine InStyle

When asked which he preferred between singing and acting, Seo In Guk answered, “It’s such a complicated question that I already made an answer in my head. Asking me to choose to between these two is like telling me that I can’t use one of my hands which is difficult since I am ambidextrous. I want to work hard in both and be good at them.”

Seo In Guk’s latest tvN drama “High School King” recently started to air on air. On this subject, he said, “It’s actually very fun. I play a eighteen year-old who is also impersonating a high-profile CEO. The latter character does whatever he wants whenever he wants. It’s not realistic in real life but I thought it would be fun for the audience to watch a high-school student pretending to be a businessman.”

Seo In Guk also added, “Before I went on Superstar K, I didn’t have lots of money so I slept in my friends’ homes. I don’t want to forget about my past and how hard it was to become who I am now so I think about those times often.” 

Seo In Guk for InStyle 2

Seo In Guk for InStyle 3

Seo In Guk for InStyle