Actor Ji Sung Is Embarrassed On Having Made a Prejudice Against Joo Ji Hoon

Actor Ji Sung talked about how he embarrassed himself when he realized that the prejudice he had made of fellow onscreen actor Joo Ji Hoon was totally wrong.

During the press conference for their upcoming movie “Confessions” that took place on June 25, actors Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Sung and Joo Ji Hoon talked freely about their first impressions of each other as well as on their characters and movie to the reporters.

Ji Sung said, “I thought that Joo Ji Hoon was going to be arrogant. His face is very strong-looking and even though he is younger than me, he is so tall so I felt like him watching down at me was kind of arrogant. But when I met him and got ready to work, he made me feel embarrassed because he was so ready and worked so hard.” 

He continued, “From the beginning, I thought that I could be a disturbance to these two actors. So I thought to myself that I should prepare more and approach them with more honesty.”