Infinite’s Sungkyu Revealed Why He Didn’t Vote for Jung Hyung Don at the Elections of “Infinity Challenge”

Boy idol group Infinite’s Sungkyu revealed why he did not vote for Jung Hyung Don in the elections this year on “Infinity Challenge.”

“It was to correct Jung Hyung Don’s habit,” said Sungkyu on the cable channel MBC Every1 show “Weekly Idol.”

He laughingly continued, “He had drank a lot that time and came to my house and slept on my house. I wanted to correct your habit. You shouldn’t do that when you’re drunk.”

Sungkyu also playfully said during the show, “If Infinite did not appear in Weekly Idol, the program could have been cancelled by now.”

Infinite released their new music video “Last Romeo” near the end of last month. As the leader and main vocalist of the group, Sungkyu seems to be working hard as a singer as he is currently a student of practical music at Hoseo University.