The Cast of “Little Mermaid” Holds its First Script Reading

tvN’s “Little Mermaid” held its first script reading and showed off the cheerful atmosphere in the pictures.

“Little Mermaid” held its first script reading, as the first episode will air August 8, following “Rude Miss Young Ae.” The production team and actors worked together in a peaceful atmosphere, leading to their anticipation that the drama will succeed.

“Little Mermaid” is a story about a mermaid who becomes human while searching for her love and living the daily life of someone from Seoul. Young people preparing to find jobs gather up at the “Surplus/Mermaid House,” and the story depicts the struggle of the mermaid becoming a human within 100 days. The production team composed of writers Ji Eun Yi, Park Ran, Kim Ji Soo and PD Baek Seung Ryong of “SNL Korea” and “Rude Miss Young Ae” plan to create a fun, new drama by adding their impudent imagination to a fairy tale-like story.

PD Baek Seung Ryong handed each actor a script with a personally written letter the day of the script reading, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The way the actors immersed into their characters and gave enthusiastic performances made it hard to believe that it was the first script reading.

In the images, you can see actress Jo Bo Ah vividly immersed in her role as Hani, the bubble mermaid who risked her life for her love. Jo Bo Ah had received attention for prior roles she has done, such as the movie “Innocent Thing” and the drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band.” Jo Bo Ah skillfully assimilated into character and read her rude dialogue lines, leading to uncontrollable laughter.

The main male actor On Joo Wan is drawing attention for playing a different character from the recent movie “Obsessed.” It’s the first “nice” role in his career, and he plays the role of Hyun Myung, a fine arts major that is looking for a job. Rising star Song Jae Rim of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and “Age of Feelings” plays an elite chef full of bluffs. The character is said to be perfect yet flawed. Park Ji Soo, who won the award for Best New Actress at the 2013 Blue Dragon Film Awards, will play the role of Jin Ah, a girl looking for a prince that will lead her to an easier life. Based on the results from the script reading, there will be fireworks in the love square that the viewers will be able to feel when the drama hits the airwaves.

In addition to the main cast, the following supporting actors are in the drama: Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Min Kyo, Kim Seul Gi, Lee Seon Kyu, Ahn Gil Kang, Jin Hee Kyung, and Kim Jae Hwan.

After the script reading was over, all of the actors gathered together for a photo, and the peaceful atmosphere made it seem like it wasn’t the first time they had met. The members of the “Surplus/Mermaid House” took a team photo, showing off a comedic pose, and the “Surplus Chemistry” drew laughter.

PD Baek Seung Ryong stated “All of the actors ardently participated and gave life to their characters. Seeing as how each character is individually strong, having all of these characters in one place will make future shootings interesting.”

“Little Mermaid” airs its first episode on August 8 at 11 PM and will air every Thursday.



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