A Pink Reveals Bomi and Namjoo as BnN Subunit Members

A Pink has just revealed on their official Facebook page that the members of their upcoming BnN sub unit are Bomi and Namjoo.

Going by the subunit name, some thought that it could have been Naeun instead of Namjoo.

Aside from A Pink own group promotions, the two have been active on other artists’ tracks. Bomi was a featured vocal on M.I.B‘s “Let’s Talk About Us” last December while Namjoo joined Phantom for their live promotions of “Seoul Lonely.”(Brown Eyed GirlsGain is the vocal in the official released track)

Yesterday they revealed their first audio teaser. The 37 second clip gives fans a taste of what’s in store. The intro starts off with a mysterious male voice saying, “Don’t rush,” “Take it slow, baby,” “Just get to know me.”

Meanwhile, A Pink is currently preparing for their Japanese debut, with their first Japanese showcase scheduled for August 24 in Tokyo. They recently finished a very successful promotion for their latest single “Mr. Chu.”