100%’s Jong Hwan Covers IU’s Remake Track “Meaning of You”

5-member boy group 100% is gearing up for a comeback, and surprised fans a couple days ago by announcing their return with the release of an image of the new album.

On June 25, 100% dropped a video of member Jong Hwan performing the track “Meaning of You” live. His version is the cover of IU’s remake of trio rock band Sanulrim’s song of the same name. It was one of the tracks included in the group’s 10th studio album, which was released in 1984, and received a lot of love.

Jong Hwan shows off his sweet vocals through the cover and his guitar skills.

Meanwhile, 100% will return on July 7 with title track “You’re Pretty” from album “Sunkiss,” which is described to be a “cool summer album.”