2PM’s Chansung and miss A’s Fei Come Together for a Sexy Couple Pictorial in Singles

Chansung of 2PM and Fei of miss A recently took part in a very eye catching ‘couple pictorial’ together.

On June 26, fashion magazine Singles revealed a seductive couple pictorial, featuring the 2PM and miss A members. The captivating photo shoot was based on an overall neutral color scheme in order to make the two stars the focus of attention.

In the released pictorial, Chansung and Fei can be seen in contrasting outfits. In one photo, the two are dressed in all black outfits, while another photo displays a softer style of clothing. This photo shoot is particularly receiving attention for showing a shirtless Chansung, with Fei, who appears to be wearing his white, button-up shirt, for a ‘boyfriend’ look.

What sets apart this couple pictorial from others is that it gives off a sexy and seductive, yet deadly atmosphere. You can catch the full pictorial in the July issue of Singles magazine, which will be released on July 18!
chansung fei

2PM chansung

miss a fei