GOT7 Members Name Nichkhun and Rain as Source of Their “Luck”

GOT7 members Youngjae and BamBam have paid tribute to fellow K-pop stars Rain and Nichkhun of 2PM on the latest airing of SBS MTV reality show “I GOT7.”

During the sixth episode of the show, which went to air on June 24, the two members were asked to talk about what gave them “good luck.”

Youngjae revealed that he takes inspiration from a phone call he once had with the 2PM star. According to the GOT7 member, Nichkhun took the opportunity to compliment Youngjae on his good looks. He also disclosed the fact that his GOT7 bandmates still call him “Nichkinvi,” a nickname that makes reference to Nichkhun’s kind words.

BamBam named Rain as his source of “good fortune.” He explained that, during his childhood in Thailand, his mother’s interest in the solo star helped him develop his own interest in K-pop. He also mentioned the fact that he once won a Rain cover dance competition in his native country, an event which helped him take a step towards becoming a star in his own right.