AOA Members Share Diet Secrets for Maintaining Their Figures

AOA, who recently came back with a new mini album, “Short Hair,” revealed what they do to maintain their slim figures and stay in shape.

Particularly, member Seolhyun, who has previously shown concern about her weight on FNC Entertainment’s reality program on tvN titled, “Cheongdamdong 111,” surprised fans with her perfectly fit body for the group’s latest comeback. She shared that her diet secret consists of a special meal plan centered around protein, as well as consistent exercise.
AOA seulhyunAOA’s main vocal, Choa, says that she exercises whenever she gets the chance. When she has free time while in the waiting rooms, she uses that period of time to do sit-ups.
AOA choaAlso, the group’s leader, Jimin, who lost 5 kilograms for their comeback, shared her tip of eating one meal per day, along with working out.
AOA jiminMeanwhile, AOA’s new title song “Short Hair” has been receiving a lot of love from fans, and is ranking high on music charts, not only in Korea, but also in China!