F.CUZ to Start Regular Youtube Series “Focus On F.CUZ”

Good news for fans of F.CUZ: they will be starting a regular Youtube series called “Focus On F.CUZ” on their official Youtube channel. 

Recently, a teaser video featuring all the members of F.CUZ was posted on their official Youtube channel to promote their upcoming video series. According to the video, they will be releasing a new video every at 3pm on 10th and 20th day of the month to their Youtube channel. 

They also added that they will be uploading special footage to the Youtube channel spontaneously to keep their fans entertained. 

Exactly when “Focus on F.CUZ” will start was not announced, but from the schedule, it seems like the first episode of the video series will be released on July 10. 

Keep watching F.CUZ’ official Youtube channel for more updates! Check out the teaser video below.