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Aside from world peace and puppies for everyone, my dearest wish is that everyone in Soompi join Noona in the 2Bic fandom. 

Who is 2Bic? 2Bic is an R&B duo with slick, slick, slick vocals from Nextar Entertainment. Ji Hwan is the one with the Harry Potter glasses and Jun Hyung is the one that doesn’t always wear glasses.  Two guys know how to sing. When I say sing, I mean it with deep emphasis. SIIIIIING.

When they’re not promoting their own songs (such as their recently released “Walk Backward“), 2Bic effortlessly puts out the best R&B covers of pop classics and recent K-Pop hits. Whether it be Taeyang‘s newest hit “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” EXO‘s ever-so-popular “Growl,” and even Girl’s Day‘s “Something,” 2Bic manages to bring their signature R&B twist and adds the most amazing runs that idols can only dream about doing.

So check out this gallery of Noona Approved 2Bic covers and let me know if you’re with me in the 2Bic fandom. 

Original: Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips” 

YG Entertainment has been promoting Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” with a series of covers from other YG Artists. Akdong Musician did one and so did Tablo, but here is an acoustic cover by 2Bic. All the covers have been different, but 2Bic keeps it simple with an acoustic version. They sing so effortlessly, but those high notes! Those runs! The ending harmony!

Original: Girl’s Day – “Something” 

2Bic has great range and it shows how easily these two burly guys are able to hit those high notes. Girl’s Day went for the sexy with their original “Something,” but 2Bic makes it sultry and more emotional. Also, go Ji Hwan with those crazy runs! 

Original: Stevie Wonder – “Lately” 

It’s not K-Pop, but it’s such a beautiful song it had to be included in this link. Ji Hwan hides his face for most of the video, but his voice is so clear and his accent is flawless. Also, take a note how casual these videos are. There’s like a pile of laundry next to the mic, but who cares because this song is perfect. 

Original: Idina Menzel“Let It Go” 

Of Course they did a “Let It Go” cover, everyone and their mothers did a “Let It Go” cover. I LOVED this cover because instead of singing is straight like most others, they spun it with their signature 2Bic sound and harmony. This gave me chills, every time I listened to it. If you read the YouTube comments, most of them are saying that this was the best cover of the song, ever.

And they’re right.

Original: Boyz II Men – “Relax Your Mind

Look at them just chill on the couch while blasting out beautiful sounds with their mouths. Look at them bob their heads to the beat. Look at them. LISTEN TO THEM.

Original: EXO – “Growl”

This is less of a cover and more of them just coughing and goofing around. You’ve got to give it to the guitar player, the guitar has a great sound. But 2Bic, they really put the growl in “Growl.” This song is actually dedicated to EXO-K‘s D.O. because he said he liked their song, “Return.”


Original: Brian McKnight – “Back at One

Aw man, this song. This was the song that all the boys used to sing for their girlfriends when I was in high school. It was just a simple but romantic song. The song’s chorus was so easy to memorize, I was singing with 2Bic while watching this cover. 


Original: Sung Shi Kyung – “Two People” 

I love Sung Shi Kyung’s voice. I can’t think of many other singers who conveys sadness the way his voice naturally does, so when I saw this cover, I was a bit skeptical. Would they be able to hold on to that deep emotion? I haven’t made up mind about that yet, but 2Bic’s harmony in the chorus makes me think that I’ll just have to let it pass.

Are you convinced that 2Bic is amazing yet? This isn’t a cover, but 2Bic’s lastest song from their repackage album. The song is so beautiful it makes me want to break up with someone just so I can cry dramatically in the shower with this song blasting in the background.

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