Hyomin’s R-Rated “Nice Body” Teaser Spoiler Released

A spoiler video has been released ahead of T-ara star Hyomin’s second teaser for the song “Nice Body.” A 15+ (15 years and older) rating had been attached to the first video teaser, which was released at noon in Korea today.

Fans had been expecting to have wait until midnight on June 27 for a glimpse at the raunchier teaser, which is rated 19+ (19 years and older). However, fans have been given an unexpected preview of what they might expect from the video thanks to the new spoiler.

The 24-second-long video was uploaded to Core Contents Media‘s YouTube page , and contains snippets of a refrain from the song, as well as a few steamy clips from the music video.


One sequence features the star rolling a toy car along her back, while another sees her posing on what seems to be a motor scooter.


“Nice Body” is scheduled for release on July 2.