Jung Joon Young Stays True to Rock in New Album “Teenager”

At the showcase for his new album “Teenager” held today, June 26, at IFC Mall in Seoul, rock singer Jung Joon Young said his new album is “more rock” and “less mainstream” compared to his older album.

“This album is harder (rock) than my first album,” said Jung Joon Young. “I really didn’t care much about mass appeal in this album. I think the mass appeal doesn’t really match my musical style. So I enjoyed this album even more and I even liked it better when it was released. Although there would be those people who wouldn’t like some of the tracks, I hope there would be those who would have better thoughts about rock music when they hear my songs,” the singer added.

Aside from talking about his new album, Jung Joon Young also shared a story about his teenager years.

“If I were to describe my teenager years, I would say it was like a soap opera,” Jung Joon Young said, piquing the interest of his fans. He then followed, “Honestly, I wasn’t a studious kid back then but I had a lot of greed towards music.”

Jung Joon Young rose to fame when he was included in the top 3 of the Mnet survival talent show “Superstar K” in 2012. The singer is known for his love for rock and his prickly wits as seen in his variety show appearances.

His new album “Teenager” includes a total of six alternative rock songs all composed, and produced by Jung Joon Young himself. Junggigo and Park Asher have also participated in the album by writing the lyrics to the songs. Pia members Kim Ki Bum and Yang Hye Sung have also joined Jung Joon Young as the main session band for his album, giving off a strong rock sound.