Baby Pictures of Singer Hong Jin Young Revealed

Trot singer Hong Jin Young revealed some pictures of herself back when she was just a toddler on her own blog with the title, “Pictures of me when I was young.”

In posting a picture of herself with her older sister at an amusement park and several others, Hong Jin Young also wrote, “They’re baby pictures so I hope you find them amusing and cute. These are special pictures. ” She also added “It’s embarrassing” when she posted a naked baby picture of herself. 

Hong Jin Young is becoming increasingly popular through her variety show in “We Got Married” alongside her real/fake partner Nam Goong Min.

As one of the youngest singers of her genre, Hong Jin Young has always publicly voiced that she wants to break away the prejudice that only older people listen to trot songs and that young people such as herself enjoy them as well.

Hong Jin Young's baby pictures