After School’s Nana Wows Fans In Recent Pictorial for GEEK

After School‘s member Nana posed for the men’s magazine GEEK for its July issue and is the cover model for it as well.

As an ex-model, Nana looked flawless in her poses and she will inevitably have the men’s utmost attention. During the interview, the singer said, “I came to have a positive attitude as I became more and more busy. It’s fun even though I can’t sleep and even though it’s hard work.”

After appearing in the much-talked about variety show “Roommate,” Nana has been getting many criticisms from the netizens as her behavior and words apparently did not seem so polite, especially toward her senior roommates such as model Lee So Ra and singer Shin Sung Woo. However the producer of the show recently insisted in an interview seeing Nana on the show will be both a way for the singer to grow more both as an adult and an entertainer, and the audience can expect to see the true positive side of her as the show goes on. 

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