[updated with more photos] f(x) Releases First Krystal Teaser for 3rd Album Comeback

Girl group f(x) is ready to show a different concept and style for their upcoming third album, “Red Light.”

SM Entertainment released the first individual member teaser for f(x). The teaser shows member Krystal with platinum blonde hair, dark eyeliner, and a Gothic grunge look made complete with a unique headpiece. 

A representative for SM said about f(x)’s upcoming album, “As f(x) is known for showing experimental and unique colors for each album and their distinct style of music, the group will impress fans globally with their charms for this new album.” 

It has been about a year since f(x) last promoted with “Pink Tape” and fans are sure to be more than excited for this comeback. 


Update: More teaser pictures have been released.



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f(x) will make their comeback on July 7. 

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