A Pink Subunit Pink BnN Releases “My Darling”

A Pink subunit Pink BnN has released its debut song, “My Darling.” The track was made public at 12pm on June 27, and follows yesterday’s announcement that group would be made up of members Bomi and Namjoo.

The song is another landmark in the career of pioneering musician Brave Brothers (real name Kang Dong Chul), who took charge of production for the song, and is currently celebrating his tenth anniversary in K-pop with a series of special projects.

pink bnn

The producer is the musical mastermind behind many hit songs for the likes of SISTAR, BIGBANG and many others, although this project marks the first time Brave Brothers and the A Pink girls have worked together.

A spokesperson for Brave Brothers told the media, “Even though Apink has been very busy lately, preparing for a showcase in Tokyo on August 4, they put a lot of effort into the recording sessions. This song will exhibit much of their hidden talent and potential.”