Baek Ji Young Tears Up Talking About Her Past Scandal on “Star Gazing”

On the celebrity and fan talk show “Star Gazing“, Singer Baek Ji Young teared up talking about a fan meeting she held after her sex scandal. 

Along with a long-time fan that appeared on the show, Baek Ji Young talked about the difficult times her and her fans had to go through after her sex tape with her then-manager was released. 

After the scandal, Baek Ji Young had to hold her fan meeting in a dark mountainous area, where it was so dark people could not even see each other’s faces without a cellphone light. 

Baek Ji Young reminisced about how she had to hold her fan meeting in a mountain, saying “I remember the mountain fan meeting. At the time, I really wanted to do the fan meeting because I couldn’t see my fans any other way. I couldn’t hold the meeting openly because I didn’t want other people to find out that the fans were my fans. I was worried that they would be criticized because of me.” 

Her fan added, “the fans didn’t cry then. We all held it in. She acted so bright, so we couldn’t cry. We all cried after she left.” 

Baek Ji Young said that she was really thankful for her fans who stuck through the difficult times, adding that the fans who showed up at that fan meeting gave her a lot of hope. 

Baek Ji Young Star Gazing